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At Patterns Psychiatry, our goal is to help you feel like the ideal version of yourself. Get ready to address mental health struggles, emotional patterns, and push past roadblocks so that you can live your best life.

When we identify our patterns,
we can change our lives

You’re afraid to get on medications or haven’t had the life-changing results you’d hoped for, leading to a poor mental state that ultimately leads to poor decision-making.

You’re tired of your emotional rollercoasters, feeling stuck, and not living up to your full potential. You finally just want to feel happy and fulfilled in this life.

You’re ready to take action and gain control of your mental and physical wellbeing. But you’re not sure what exactly you need to do.

What You Need is A Mental Health Roadmap

It’s time to focus on long-term mental wellbeing beyond medication use by prioritizing mindset & lifestyle behaviors. When you work with us, you’ll discover practical and effective steps to live your life through a new lens so you can:

What is Patterns Psychiatry?

Patterns Psychiatry is an outpatient mental health clinic. It is comprised of a group of clinicians whose goal is to meet the demand of psychiatry needs across the country. Our providers have several years of experience caring for the most vulnerable populations and have decades of experience combined.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve access to mental health care and provide excellent psychiatric service delivery that is safe, evidence-based, practical, relevant, and transformational to each client and those involved in the said client’s care. We offer our services through telehealth/video visits to make it most convenient and accessible to our clients.

While we provide care to individuals, organizations, nursing homes, hospitals, on-call needs, mental health facilities, and therapy practices.

Our Services

Patterns Psychiatry is dedicated to providing professional & heartfelt care.
Medication Management
Life Coaching
Psychiatric evaluation

Who we serve

We serve real people who are ready to identify their patterns and improve their mood, with transparent, humanistic, & empathetic care. Patterns Psychiatry is an inclusive practice all persons ages 4 and up are welcome regardless of background, race, religion, orientation, or identity.
Generation Z
Healthcare Providers

We serve people struggling with…

Meet Our Team

Culturally competent and trauma-informed psychiatry providers transforming treatment for mental health. Our providers value your individuality and safety and are committed to providing care with compassion, trust, cultural sensitivity, and transparency at its core. When you work with these caring and genuine providers, you’ll be amazed by their kind and open yet professional approach. You’ve finally found inclusive providers you’ll feel comfortable with.
Nkechi Ezema

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Chigane Abraham

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Esther Uangbaoje

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Dr. William Holmes

Board Certified Child and Adult Psychiatrist.
**Currently not accepting new patients at patterns psychiatry

Start Improving Your Mental Health Today

One of the first steps in bettering your mental health and wellbeing is understanding why you are feeling this way and why you are struggling. When you discover the reasoning behind your thoughts and actions, you’ll be empowered to know that you can take back control of your life.
Knowledge is power. Find the time to learn about your struggles through reading books and listening to podcasts.

Recommended Mental Health Books

Recommended Mental Health Podcasts

You've Found Us For A Reason

We know how hard that first step may be. But once you simply make the commitment to prioritize yourself & your mental wellbeing, by booking an appointment, you’ll feel a significant weight off your shoulders.

We’d be humbled to support you in this life-changing journey of prioritizing and optimizing your mental health so you can experience true joy once again.

Ready to Take Your First Step Towards a Happier Life?

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