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What Patterns Psychiatry Provides

The thought of being all alone in a negative cycle that may be a result of anxiety, trauma, depression, unhealthy coping skills, and/or environmental stressors can be daunting. The treatment for most mental illness is effective therapy.

However, some need a little more than therapy. How would you know if you could benefit from medications? If you have been suffering for a long time in a limited and/or negative cycle, most likely your brain will need some help; the right psychotropic medication will help improve your symptoms. 


At Patterns Psychiatry, we pride ourselves at providing empathetic, culturally competent care that is NPs have medication management and clinical experiences that are rounded through clinical and personal exposure; an exemplary Masters’ level education from UTA. She actively seeks to learn more about the mental health field!

To ensure we provide you with optimal care, we plan to work cooperatively with other members of your healthcare team at your discretion. Your symptoms are real, but you are not your diagnosis; there is empowerment and freedom in treatment. CALL/EMAIL TODAY! we can begin the healing process and navigate life together.


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Depression-perinatal depression


Anxiety-PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Bipolar and other mood disorders

Psychosis- schizophrenia



Relationship issues


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What Our Patients Say About Us ?


Nkechi listens. I have never had a psychiatrist listen to me like that. It’s usually 10 mins and that’s it. It’s like she is a therapist.


Medications were never forced. When I was ready, we started the medications. Now, I feel like a brand new person. Thank you Nkechi.


Nkechi has a calming spirit, she takes her time and asks some deep intriguing questions. I appreciate her honesty without the fluff. I look forward to our meetings!

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“When We Identify Our Patterns, We Can Change Our Lives.”