We Offer Psychiatry Services in Texas, Iowa & Minnesota

Our goal at Patterns Psychiatry is to improve your relationships, mental health, and quality of life. We offer a number of services to help you get there.


The purpose of psychoeducation is to help people understand mental disorders in order to support recovery. Once you understand why you feel and act a certain way, it may help you accept and address those issues, knowing you can overcome them.

Psychoeducation can teach you and your family about mental health struggles, how they are treated, and how you can recognize signs and symptoms. This way, you can take action and prevent relapse before an episode occurs or worsens through coping strategies and problem-solving skills.


Talking with a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner to address your mental, emotional and behavioral issues that are causing symptoms and distress can be hugely impactful to your quality of life and mental wellbeing.

We genuinely listen to your story to understand how you think and feel, understand your stressors and past experiences that trouble you, assess your strengths and hear your goals and dreams.

Effectively working through your thoughts, stressors, and past experiences in therapy can give you an insight and lead to practical approaches you can utilize to deal with difficult personal issues. Even expressing what is in your heart and mind and feeling truly heard, understood and accepted, often brings relief, hope, and healing.

Medication Management

Psychotropic medication can be life-changing for you when you take them correctly. If you’re a hypertensive person, and you skip out on taking your anti-HTN, it can affect your heart. You may not even consider taking medication, which may lead to poor life decisions. Psychotropics can have the potential to bring you to a state where you can better manage your mental health, relationships, and reach your goals. When taken correctly, safe psychotropic medications can completely change your life.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is different from therapy. As part of our coaching services, we dive deeper into your current life struggles that may seem overwhelming and tackle these areas together.

These areas could include self-esteem, parenting techniques, finances, relationships and friendships, careers, and intimacy. We care about your mental health and your emotional growth. Through life coaching, we help YOU change your life.

Psychiatric evaluation

Not sure where to start? An evaluation may be needed. A psychiatric evaluation is a question and observation-based assessment that creates a road map, education, and action plan to help those with mental health struggles.

Don’t have insurance? Out of pocket costs range from $175-$90, without insurance.

We are in-network with most major insurances. Please contact us for more information about pricing and insurance coverage.

Virtual Psychiatry Services

Don’t live near us in Texas? No problem. We believe that your life can be better, and we want to help!

We can teach you how to approach your relationships with healthy boundaries, how to utilize your emotions more effectively, and how to think more clearly – all from your living room!